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07 Equity A
BCI Guernsey Global Growth Feeder A
OIG High Equity Retirement Option
OIG Alternative Income Provider
OIG Diversified Income Portfolio

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Why Use Optimum Investment Group?

We aim to improve and secure your financial wealth through portfolio diversification and the constant monitoring thereof.

The most valuable advice regarding investments and investing would be to start immediately. Compound interest is frequently referred to as the 8th wonder of the modern world, and by starting with an investment plan as soon as possible you can maximise your growth and taste the wonder of compound interest.

The second most valuable advice is to know what your tolerance for risk is. We are all unique and everyone has their own hopes and fears, objectives and ambitions, and - our own circumstances and experiences. To carefully put an investment plan together whilst taking your personal risk profile into consideration.

Honesty & Integrity

We believe that clients are the most important component of our business and serve them with honesty and integrity.


We harness the professional skills of well-trained motivated financial advisers and portfolio managers, with the ability to deliver beyond our promises.


We are an independent establishment ensuring no conflicts of interest and objective, independent advice.

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